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The  night on the bite of 87 by Garretzilla
The night on the bite of 87
Something happened, at a children's birthday party one of the animatronic's bit off the frontal-lobe of one the children. Then began to attack the balloon animatronic. I had to evacuate the building before Click could hurt anyone else. I think Click ripped the balloon boy to pieces, i only caught a glimpse from one of the camera's of what happened. You have met a terrible fate by coming here. Just try your best to keep Click away from you, this is literally life or death.
Dream big by Garretzilla
Dream big
Sometimes you feel as if you were the biggest name out there.
FNAF fan character Click by Garretzilla
FNAF fan character Click
A recycled animatronic for a dinosaur movie, Click was programmed to pounce and rip apart human dolls. Converted into a child friendly surfer raptor he never had that original programmed removed. When close he clicks his sickle claw on the floor, he is attracted towards light. When he pounce's he puts his razor sharp sickle claw forward as a real raptor would. To keep him away you have to flash another room with the flashlight and he will go there.
Frozen better than Jurassic Park? by Garretzilla
Frozen better than Jurassic Park?
I dont think so, not even a chance could Frozen ever reach Jurassic Park status.


Garretzilla's Profile Picture
Garret Richardson
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Age: 15
Playing: either tf2, dino d day, or pokemon X
listening: badass music
watching: Grave of The Fireflies );
drawing: most likely a dinosaur
reading: a random manga or comic-book
fears: losing everyone i love
wishes: to live a happy life
dreams: to live long enough to see a living dinosaur
Main Characters.

    Name: Red
    Species: Charizard, Male
    Type: fire/dragon?
    Personality: Serious but caring.
    Most used 4 Moves: Flamethrower, DragonClaw, Fire Blitz,and Outrage
    History: The one starter nobody picked, Red ventured out to find his purpose. Joined in a mystery dungeon team he was captured                 by team rocket and was a subject to fusion experiments. Fused with an Axew Red possess her species abilities. With the                 fusion caused some Pokemon to fear Red, up to the point to try to eliminate him.

    Name: Moon
    Species: Feraligatr, Male
    Type: Water
    Personality: Drunk, Jolly. Sober, Impish
    Most used 4 Moves: Crunch, Superpower, Thrash, and an alcoholic version of HydroPump.
    History: Born wild Moon grew up a normal Totodile,  up until he found a moonshiner camp. He learned how to make his own                          moonshine and from there he is almost always drunk. He joined the team because he needed a safe place to pass out.                  Lazy this may sound but him being drunk allowed him to endure much more devastating attacks and also allows him to                  return them. Moon is very loyal to his friends.

    Name: Flare
    Species: Flareon, Female
    Type: Fire
    Personality: Brave
    Most used 4 Moves: LavaPlume, FireFang, Charm, and Flamethrower after Red taught her.
    History: Born and raised wild. Flare has two siblings and yet she is the oldest she acts like the youngest. Adventurous allows her                  to take any challenge head on with little to no plan. She was the first one to meet Red, and from there they were great                  allies. Only time will tell on how far they go from friends.

    Name: Deaky
    Species: Torterra, Female
    Type: Grass/Ground
    Personality: Sassy, and i little perverted.
    Most used 4 Moves: Earthquake, LeechSeed, Crunch, and LeafStorm
    History: As a Turtwig she was raised by a teenager trainer. Not much is known about the trainer all but that what ever she did, it                made Deaky a little weird. But Deaky left on her own to see if there were more Turtwigs in the area, no luck and also she                got lost. Red and the team helped her find her way back, only to fins that she was immediately replaced by another                      Turtwig. For being weak against Flying type Pokemon, she has a fondness for them, even up to the point where she                      asked Red to lift her and just fly around.

    Name: Razor
    Species: Samurott, Male
    Type: Water
    Personality: Bold, and a little Quirky
    Most used 4 Moves: RazorShell, HydroPump, Slash, and FocusEnergy.
    History: Born into a village where  becoming a great Samurai was needed. Razor did achieve this but his noble training convinced                  him that he wanted to save other Pokemon in need. He has a good knowledge of Pokemon typing, until Red was captured                where he learned so much more about their world. He formed his own Samurai code, "Help everyone dear to him." By that                all Pokemon are dear to him and will go to his limits to save them.

Now the main villain of Red.

    Name: "Akuma" or what he calls himself.
    Species: Unknown to Pokemon, Male
    Type: From battle experiences from him, all of them.
    Personality: Extremely Serious with some hint of Charm 
    Most used 4 Moves: Manipulation, PsychoCut, Agility, and DragonClaw
    History: Born on an Island he was destined to one day be shot and killed. He was instead captured and experimented on to                      recreate the Healing-Factor. It worked but was quickly attacked by a religious group. The explosion of the building                          absorbed onto Akuma's skin from his healing factor reacting to the flames, creating a hellish fire pattern on his skin.
               Akuma escaped and returned to his home only to find that his whole family was wiped out by magic using mammals.                      Akuma gathered his surviving race to exterminate the mammals and use their magic to restore what had been lost. After                  this he feared that the mammals from another universe will avenge their fallen members, so the only plan Akuma had was                too travel to other universes to create an army to defend themselves. Akuma traveld through many universes gathering                  other versions of himself, all except one that breathes fire.

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